Stetson Wright And His Wife Welcome Baby Before Marriage

The fans might know about the career of Stetson Wright, but they might need to be made aware of the bull rider’s beautiful wife.

The news is that the bull rider planned a dramatic proposal for his girlfriend.

The Rodeo champion and his girlfriend were not married until after they had their first child.

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Bull Rider Stetson Wright’s Unforgettable Proposal

The 22-year bull rider is lucky to have a gorgeous girlfriend named Callie Rey Lowe. The lovely couple has been in a relationship for some time. Although, there hasn’t been an official timeline disclosed anywhere.

According to the posts made by Wright’s to-be wife, they have been together since December 25, 2018, at the latest. The soon-to-be wife is a hairstylist based on her Instagram bio.

Stetson Wright with his wife, Callie Rey Lowe [Photo: Twitter]

Their relationship took the right turn when they got engaged in May 2019. In what appears to be right out of a movie screen, Wright proposed to his girlfriend – he knelt on one knee and proposed with a gorgeous ring.

Callie could not believe the happiness and merrily accepted the proposal. The lovely couple revealed the news of their engagement in their social feeds.

Stetson Wright and his girlfriend showing their engagement ring [Photo: Instagram]

The couple love sharing their photos on their social accounts. Going by one of Wright’s posts, he isn’t the only one in the family in love with his wife.

“Well, my Mom said she loved her, so I guess I’ll keep her. #shesaidyes #sheisinforatreatwiththisfamily.”

The wifey doesn’t hold back either, in one of her posts Callie gushed,

“Ahhh, I can’t believe I get to spend forever with this man. I love you so much, Stets.”

Stetson Wright with his fiance Callie Rey Lowe [Photo: Twitter]

Wright and his wife share their beautiful and healthy relationship like a perfect couple and have not thought or planned to take their relationship to the next step, i.e., marriage. Yes, you heard right, they have not been officially married and have been staying as fiances.

Unmarried Couple Welcomes Baby Girl

The heading reads right. The couple has not tied their wedding knots but has a cute daughter named Kingsley Rey.

The couple was pregnant and gave news on their Instagram handle on July 9, 2019. January 8, 2020, was a beautiful and bright day when Callie gave birth to the pair’s first child, Kingsley Rey Wright.

Stetson Wright and His daughter Kingsley Rey [Photo: Instagram]

The daughter of the bull rider, Mr. Wright, was born with a weight of 7 lbs and 7oz. He could not help but share his happiness with his fans on his social account. He stated,

“I know I said winning the world was the greatest day of my life. But last night at 8:33 pm, I had to say it again. It was a life-changing moment. It is crazy how fast you can fall in love with someone. Kingsley Rey Wright, I am so proud to be your dad and thank you for making your Mom and me so happy. My heart is so full. I love you, Baby Girl.“

The 3-year Kingsley happily lives with her mother, Callie, and father, Stetson, and just celebrated her third birthday a few months ago in January.

The proud father never misses sharing his happiness with his fans, especially about his daughter and fiancèe, Callie. Hopefully, the couple might share the good news with their fans regarding their marriage.

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Short Information Regarding the Rodeo Champion

The renowned athlete Stetson Wright is primarily known for being a bull rider and winning numerous titles from 2019 to 2022. Wright has set records in his bull riding career and is the top Rodeo champion in the world.

The professional bull rider has won three back-to-back world championship titles from the years 2019 to 2022. He also is a 7-time PRCA World Champion.