Prophet Lovy Elias Married To Maggy Soas In 2021

The former Kenyan singing sensation Prophet Lovy Elias got married to Maggy Soas in 2021. But he never disclosed his relationship with his wife and marriage to the public.

However, Bishop Noel Jones, who was close with Prophet, introduced Maggy as the pastor’s wife in a live service at the Revelation Church.

Bishop wanted the attendance to praise God for the Prophet and urged everyone to “celebrate your leader,” before introducing Maggy in front of everyone at the church as the First Lady.

Maggy Soas Confirmed the Marriage

Understandably, people speculated that Bishop made a mistake in announcing Prophet’s wife perhaps without the couple’s knowledge.

However, Maggy took to the stage herself and confirmed her marriage to Prophet Elias during a live service at the church later on.

In her words:

“We honor the man of this house, we honor the spiritual father of this house, and we honor my man, Prophet Lovy.”

Prophet LovyElias’ss second wife Maggy Soas

Maggy Soas Had Hinted at Marriage Before

While the revelation was surprising for many, that wasn’t the first time that the first lady hinted at her nuptials with the pastor.

In an interview with Guardian, she was asked if she had anything cooking especially for 2021, to which, she replied, “By God’s grace, 2021 will be my best year yet. Stay tuned. Great things are coming.”

It was only later that the rest of the fellowship made the connection of that statement with her marriage to the former evangelist singer.

The couple now resides in Simi Valley, California, after Elias moved the headquarters and worship center of the Revelation Church.

Together with her husband, Prophet Lovy Elias, the fashion entrepreneur Maggy is currently committed to her faith and role as a Prophetess.

The fellowship celebrated the pastor’s union in marriage, albeit this wasn’t the first time that the godman was inducted in holy matrimony.

Prophet Filed Divorce Against His Wife With a Minor Child

Prior to his marriage to Maggy, the 37-year-old pastor was married to an actress and music artist, Ida Onyango. The couple shared a son, Andrew, together, but their relationship didn’t last long.

Prophet Lovy Elias wished happy birthday to his son on June 28, 2019 [Photo: Facebook]

Prophet filed a divorce case against his wife with a minor child in Los Angeles Superior Court on June 16, 2017. They eventually got separated.

However, Prophet’s love for his son is eternal. He frequently shared his son’s photos on social media and mentioned him as his joy and happiness.

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Maggy Soas Founded Her Own Company

Circling back to the pastor’s current wife, Maggy has a passion outside of evangelism: fashion designing.

Maggy founded the company, Spirit and Soul, when she was in her senior year of college.

The fashionista began her clothing brand with laces and free-flowing patterns. Later, it grew up and became contemporary women’s fashion store.

Founder of the Spirit and Soul brand, Maggy Soas [Photo: Instagram]

Maggy was born in a Christian family, and her love for fashion has been there since her childhood. The founder told Guardian that she was inspired by her grandmother to become a fashion designer.

When Maggy was young, she used to sit in church and draw dresses on the Sunday bulletin. But Maggy’s biggest inspiration was her grandmother, who made the most ornate and beautiful pieces for them.

Her grandmother created incredible hand-made patterns and had an amazing collection of buttons. After watching her grandmother, she realized her passion and worked on it.

Beyond fashion, Maggy loves to be with her family, cooking, surfing, skiing, and hearing live music.

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As for Prophet Elias, he always wanted to enter the hip-hop music industry, but later he changed his mind and become a paster.

He is now the senior pastor, and his wife Maggy is the co-pastor and Ministry of the Revelation church.