Michaiah Hank’s Mother And Father: The Whole Truth Revealed

Everyone knows the name Tom Hanks, the legendary Hollywood actor, but only a few people know that he has a granddaughter named Michaiah Hanks, born to Father Chet Hanks and Mother Tiffany Miles.

Michaiah Hanks’s Mother: Tiffany Miles

Tiffany Miles pregnant with her Daughter

Michaiah Hanks was born in 2016 in LA, California. She already has a legendary lineage: her Grandfather, Tom Hanks, who is one of the finest actors in Hollywood, and her father, Chet Hanks, who is a rapper, musician, and an actor in movies such as Project X, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

According to Greates, her mother is a famous former model and actress but does not want to share her life in the limelight like her husband and father-in-law.

Tiffany Miles, the mother of Michaiah Hanks, was born in October 1987 in California. Miles became a household name when her name was associated with Chet Hanks.

Michaiah’s mother, Tiffany, belongs to the African-American ethnicity. She is also a well-known social media personality who came to the hype after her name was linked with Chet Hanks.

Chet Hanks with his daughter Michaiah celebrating Merry Christmas [Photo: Instagram]

Fans might wonder how Chet Hanks met Tiffany Miles – the mother of the darling kid Michaiah.

Chet and Tiffany were never officially in a relationship, according to Thefamouseverse. The source stated they had a casual relationship which resulted in the birth of Michaiah.

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Michaiah’s Mother and Father Were Never in A Relationship

Based on the facts provided by Citimuzik, Chet Hanks and Tiffany Miles never dated each other and never had a relationship. The fans of both Tom Hanks and Chet know that Chet was an avid drinker.

It was suggested that the junior Hanks met Michaiah’s mother when he was under the influence of alcohol. Despite the circumstances, Chet has spoken highly of Tiffany and stated her as the sweetest person he has met.

Chet Hanks with his daughter Michaiah Hanks [Photo: YouTube]

Chet also tributed the mother of his child over a now-deleted post on his Instagram account with the caption, “the mother of my child and a beautiful black woman.”

Although Chet and Tiffany have a daughter, they have already separated, and Michaiah lives with her father. Chet has respected his daughter’s privacy and her mother’s privacy and has stated,

“No disrespect to people that post their kids, I just I never wanted her to be dragged into the negativity surrounding my past.”

Chet, the rapper, has always appreciated his baby mama and has defended her against internet trolls by showing respect and applaud to her parenting skills. He said,

“I’m thankful that my daughter has such a great mom.”

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Michaiah Helped her Parents and Made Their Lives Better

The fans are aware of the fact Chet was had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. But after the birth of his daughter, he stated once on his Instagram account that the birth of his daughter has given him a new paint to his life, a new reason to live better.

But it is sad to say he has deleted the post from his social account and is nowhere to be found.

Tiffany Miles with her daughter Michaiah Hanks [Photo: YouTube]

The same goes for the mother, Tiffany Miles as well. She has become one of the household names and one of the most searched by fans.

It is still hard to find Tiffany online, but the fans always search. The only credit for her coming into the limelight is Michaiah Hanks – her daughter. Sources say Tiffany has been living a good life as of today and usually is seen in her journalism career.

The rapper has had a number of relationships after his baby mama, and the most recent name to break through to the public was a woman by the name of Kiana Parker, according to TMZ.

On the other hand, Tiffany is also said to have started a relationship, but she has been hush-hush about it.

Tom and Rita Hanks have always put their family first and passed the trait to their kids.

Chet’s parents have stood firm in his decisions and have supported him immensely. Both of them are happy being grandparents and have shown overwhelming affection toward their granddaughter.

The Hanks Family [Photo: Instagram]

The singer Chet said,

“It’s awesome seeing them being grandparents as well, because I was really close with my grandparents and now my daughter gets to have the same experience.”