Punchlines on Father Figures – Michael Longfellow on Parents, Step Fathers & Family

“[I have] Three dads, I’m gonna be unstoppable,” is what Michael Longfellow said on stage to make the audience hysteric.

It’s not fair to paint out a picture of a comedian’s life based on a stand-up special, but it does give one a peek. One thing is for sure: Longfellow has had three (step) fathers over the years and they make for amazing punchlines.

Michael Longfellow’s Jokes on Family

Longfellow has chosen to keep his parents out of the limelight, except for when he takes the stage. On stage, he has no problem cracking jokes at their expense.

In his recent appearance on Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival, the Saturday Night Live star’s material was based on his personal life, mostly complicated family dynamics.

Right off the bat, he mentioned moving back in with his “mommy” during the pandemic and subsequently moving out to give his mother some privacy with her new boyfriend Terry.

After a fair few jokes at Terry’s expense, the comic was approving of the latest father figure in his life.

Again, it’s hard to pick the grain from the chaff in a comedy special, but going by how Longfellow’s website bio introduces him as an “Actor, Writer, Step Son,” speculating Terry is a big part of his life doesn’t seem so far fetched.

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Michael Longfellow’s Biological Father

In the same stage show, the comic revealed that his first father, assumed his biological father, was Tom “The OG.”

He went on to add that Tom was a rather strict and intense parental figure, but he still loved his dad.

“My dad’s a divorce attorney who has been divorced multiple times,” Longfellow quipped. “I mean, this guy walks the walk.”

“Is he a bad husband or a workaholic?” the comic questioned. “Who knows?”

Michael Longfellow Flaunts Mom on Instagram

As for the mum, the comic has mentioned her dating life in his gigs, but never a name.

The closest that Longfellow came to introducing his mother in the public eye was in a now-deleted Instagram post.

The post featured Longfellow and his mother beaming beautiful smiles for the camera. The dated photo was taken when Longfellow was still a kid.

“My mom when she met Andy Milonakis,” the SNL star wrote in the caption. Hence, to this day, his mother’s name remains closed off to the public.

Michael Longfellow with His Mother [Photo: Instagram]

The only information out on the official channels would be that his mom and Tom were living somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona, sometime around the mid-90s.

Longfellow was born there on January 31, 1994.

Michael Longfellow’s Breakout into the Comedy Scene

Longfellow only made it to the mainstream comedy scene fairly recently, and that too with a solid set on his parents—definitely plural. Understandably, there isn’t much about the fresh comic in the public eye.

His set made it to the Netflix show just over a year ago and since then he has landed on SNL, arguably the most widely recognized mainstream comedy platform.

As per his bio on NBC, the Phoenix native was also selected as TBS’ Comics to Watch back in 2017 at the New York Comedy Festival. Fans can find more of his comedy at NBC’s Bring the Funny.

Beyond comedy, Longfellow’s career extends to acting and writing. As of this writing, the up-and-coming stand-up artist can be seen in a short film, Get Over It, and a TV series How to Be Broke.

He also has writer credit for the TV show Laugh After Dark, as per his IMDB page.