Matteo Bocelli’s Love Life: Married or Gay? Everything We Know

Matteo Bocelli, a talented Italian tenor and musician, was born in October 1997 in Tuscany. In his childhood days, he began taking piano lessons. At 18, Bocelli debuted as a tenor at the Teatro Del Silenzio, an Italian open-air amphitheater in Tuscany. From the given info of Thefamouspeople, in 2015, he began to learn music under his father’s guidance, who also belongs to the Music industry. In 2018, he released his first album, “Si.” In 2017, Matteo also worked as a model, posing for Guess with Jennifer Lopez. 

Does Matteo Bocelli Have A Wife?

According to Celebinsights, the 25-year-old pop singer is most likely single now. People were interested in the singer’s wife’s info. However, He was always quiet about his personal life, and there is no clue about his marriage.

Matteo Bocelli with Bella Hadid(left) and Carolina Stramare(right)
Matteo Bocelli with Bella Hadid (left) and Carolina Stramare (right)

According to sources, Rogers believed to be in a relationship with Bella Hadid, an American model. In 2019 and 2020, both Bocelli and Hadid shared their pictures on social media but didn’t speak about their relationship. After that, he was seen with the winner of Miss Italia Carolina Stramare, a model. Rogers and Carolina were spotted many times together. However, it could still be a rumor as they have not stated anything yet.

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Matteo Bocelli Suspected of Being Gay

He has not stated anything regarding his gender preference and is more of a low-key person regarding his love life. Therefore, many concerning assumptions were found about the young tenor speculating he was gay. Still, he had not opened up about his gender.

There is constant speculation that Matteo Bocelli is gay. Because of his rising stardom, even Matteo Bocelli’s gender orientation has become a topic of discussion. But, until concrete evidence of his membership in the LGBTQ community got discovered, this assumption will remain just that: speculation. 

Family Background

He was born in Italy on October 8th, 1997. Bocelli’s birthday is October 8th. Matteo Bocelli’s father is the legendary singer, composer, and record producer Andrea Bocelli, who is also active in the music industry. Considered one of the all-time greats, Andrea Bocelli is a legend in the field of music. Enrica Cenzatti, his first wife, gave birth to their son Matteo Bocelli. He was born under the sign of Libra.

Matteo’s deep respect for his father sparked the son’s lifelong passion for music. The father-son duo published the song “Fall On Me” for the first time as a duet in September 2018.

Matteo’s parents divorced in 2002.

Matteo with his mother [Photo: Instagram]

Andrea Bocelli has a second wife named Veronica Betti Bocelli, making Matteo’s mother his first wife, the stepmom of the singer. Andrea has a daughter with Veronica. Matteo has two siblings: Amos and half-sister Virginia.

Matteo Bocelli with his father, stepmom, elder brother, and half-sister [Photo: Instagram]

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FAQs Of Matteo Bocelli

How tall is Matteo Bocelli?

Matteo Bocelli’s height is 6’6 feet(1.98 m) which is a tall height on average.

Where does Matteo Bocelli live?

The talented Tenor has been living in Italy since his birth.

Who is Matteo Bocelli’s Mother?

Bocelli`s mother`s name is Enrica Cenzatti.

Is Matteo Bocelli blind?

No, Matteo is not blind. But, his father, Andrea Bocelli, is blind due to a severe sports injury while he was 12 years old.

Is Matteo Bocelli related to Andrea Bocelli?

Yes, Andrea Bocelli is the father of Matteo Bocelli.

What is the net worth of Matteo Bocelli?

As of Idolnetworth, his estimated net worth is $40 million.