Everything To Know About Mary Birdsong’s Spouse, Gay and Dating

Cons of being in the 50s and attractive and single equal gay speculations. Yes, we are talking about American actress, singer, writer, and comedian Mary Birdsong!

Mary is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most intelligent actors. And she’s single. So, the 55-year-old has faced allegations of being lesbian. But is she gay?

Single By Choice: Mary is Happily Unmarried

Mary Birdsong is a seasoned actress and a true stunner. It’s hard to believe that she’s already 55 years old! But she’s still single, and who wouldn’t want to date her?

However, some critics have suggested that Birdsong’s age is why she’s having trouble finding a match. But the actress quickly shuts rumors, insisting that she’s single by choice. And why wouldn’t she be?

She’s got brains, beauty, and a healthy lifestyle that keeps her in good shape. In fact, Birdsong is one of Hollywood’s most intellectual actresses, and her talent has taken the industry by storm.

Mary Birdsong with Bird [Photo: Facebook]

The confident Reno 911 actress also claimed that if she were to make a profile on any dating site, it would simply be “one of the best.” She clarified that she is not single because she lacks charm but by choice.

Contradicting everything mentioned above, Mary Birdsong’s husband is “The Future.” And when it comes to children, she says, “No Thanks.” Further, she’d also had a crush on Fred Willard ever since Fernwood tonight and wanted to marry him.

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According to Gay-O-Meter, Birdsong Is 55% Gay

It’s common for fans to become so invested in a celebrity’s on-screen persona that they wonder about their real-life gender orientation. Therefore Bird’s fans took matters into their hands.

Forty-nine visitors of Gayorstraight have given her a 55% gay-rating, while the average rating on the website is 69%. This suggests Birdsong is straight compared to other celebrity lists on their site.

Likewise, another site did a poll where 47% of voters think she’s homosexual, 37% voted she’s straight whole, and 16% believe she’s bisexual.

Mary Birdsong Isn’t Gay; Cherisha Kimball is!

The Broadway actress Mary’s decision to remain single has led to speculation about her personal life, including rumors that she may be a closeted lesbian.

However, her loved ones and her own statements on social media have debunked the rumors.

So, Mary Birdsong isn’t gay or lesbian. But she’s played a few gay roles.

Nicknamed Otis, she is not one to shy away from poking fun at herself, and her witty replies to fans on social media are proof of that; the comedian & actress took to Twitter to address her fan’s concerns and even admired her Lesbian Nike shoes in 2014.

When a curious fan asked if her shoes were lesbians, Mary was quick with a clever retort, “No. Just bi-comfortable.”

So, it’s clear that Mary Birdsong is not a lesbian. But Deputy Cherisha Kimball from “Reno 911” is. Even she denies being a lesbian.

What is Mary Birdsong’s Net Worth?

Best known for portraying a gay character on the Comedy Central TV series “Reno 911,” Mary began her career in 1996 (she was nominated for two Emmys in 2020). She has since appeared in several critically acclaimed big-screen movies, sitcoms, and theaters.

Mary Birdsong [Photo: Facebook]

With confidence and charm, Mary took Hollywood by storm in no time. She’s appeared in at least 18 movies, including “The Descendants,” “Succession,” “The Daily Show,” and her theatrical endeavors like “Hairspray,” “3 Days in the tub: A Mama Drama,” etc. are massive hits.

Hence, it is safe to assume that Mary Birdsong’s net worth is quite handsome.

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FAQs of Marry

Is Mary Birdsong Native?

Mary is a native of Long Beach Island, New Jersey. However, Birdsong is not Native American; it’s German. She also explained the original German was “Vogelsang.”