Pastor Marcus Rogers’ Married Life With 3 Wives and Kids

Before becoming an internet preacher and blogger, Marcus Rogers was a German veteran who served in Iraq, South Korea, and Afghanistan. He has been preaching the gospel and authoring books since his 2017 debut, Through the Fire to Be a Fire.

Who is Marcus Rogers’ Wife?

Sound like the fourth time’s the charm for Marcus; as of 2023, the famous preacher has had four wives to date and has remarried one of his wives twice. Erin, his first wife, with whom he had three children.

The famed preacher claims that the couple’s lack of maturity, the strain of his multiple deployments abroad, and his infidelity all contributed to the breakdown of their marriage. Rogers now claims to be a lapsed Christian.

The couple was residing at Fort Eustis in Virginia when they decided to split up. Erin left him because of his adultery and abusive behavior, according to Facebook posts made by Erin’s sister. In Illinois, near her family, she gave birth to their son. As expected, Marcus was missing.

According to the sister, Marcus started the divorce proceedings by claiming Erin had abandoned him and moved to a faraway county in Virginia. Eventually, they couldn’t last and divorced around 2010.

After Rogers’ first marriage ended in divorce, the former veteran quickly remarried his mistress, Lavern, from the first marriage. The couple has two sons. From 2014 to 2015, they separated and eventually divorced.

Marcus Rogers with his 6 children [Photo: Instagram]

Marcus was single around 2015; however, his Facebook “ministry” began at the same time. After a few brief posts about a new relationship, the sensational blogger claimed God had prompted him to reunite with his wife. Their relationship had several unsolved severe issues, including that their divorce wasn’t actual. Laverna was married and divorced before. It is unclear if their marriage was technically dissolved or more of a church governance issue.

The third wife, Jasmine Rogers, with whom Marcus started to go on a date in July 2018, was revealed to the world. Yet, Facebook catalyzed their initial meeting. The wedding took place in August 2019. Rogers and his wife, Jazz Rogers, have enjoyed a happy and harmonious married life. Additionally, the pair has a baby girl named Maia Gabriella Rogers and a baby boy.

Marcus Rogers wife, Jazz Rogers with her children [Photo: Instagram]

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Social Media Chatter About Rogers’ Marriage

The former German veteran stated on Facebook that he “met a woman who loves Jesus” and fell in love again.

“Would you marry me, be my wife, be my blessing, be everything that I ever prayed for and hoped for? Would you allow me to be the best man of God that I can be for you and just love you forever?”

Rogers posed to Jasmine.

He released balloons on the balcony with his fiancée and the camera after she said “Yes” many times.

On August 17, 2021, Jazz, Rogers’s wife, posted an anniversary photo wishing him a happy second year. Her sweet caption:

“Anniversary #2 came in the blink of an eye, but it also feels like we’ve been together forever (in a good way lol). I love your entire being. You love me, you protect me physically and emotionally, you encourage me, you pray for me, and most importantly, you submit to Jesus and I’ve seen Him reveal Himself to me through you. Everything we’ve been through these past two years of marriage has been nothing but God. If there’s any blessing He could give me to prove He’s real and loves me, it’s you Happy Anniversary, baby! I’m gonna go cry now, bye”

Background info

Marcus Rogers, whose astrological sign is Cancer, is the son of Anthony Rogers and Sharon Rogers. The world-famous YouTuber whose videos have got massive attention since the profound theological and spiritual insight they contain. Regularly, he preaches sermons and mulls over recent events in the news.

The YouTube channel is successful because it has nearly 700,000 subscribers. The following exciting fact is that, at 18, he enlisted in the Army after a year of college and a year of homeschooling and served for a total of 13 years.

Marcus Rogers with his father and mother(right) [Photo: nbcnews]

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Net Worth

According to Famouswealthypeople, Marcus Rogers has a net worth of $1.6 million, mainly from the money that is made from the YouTube channel.

The famed celeb’s predicted income in the present period is $508,032 in 2022, $477,550 in 2021, and $439,346 in 2020 by Coolsport.

Marcus Roger FAQs

Where is Marcus Roger’s church?

Marcus Rogers has a long-term goal to open a church on the North Side of Chicago called Firehouse.

How old is Marcus Roger’s wife?

The age of Marcus’s wife has not been revealed yet.

How old is Marcus Rogers?

He was born on July 19, 1986, which makes him 37.