Inside Lena Miculek’s Marriage, Career & Net Worth

Lena Miculek is an impressive American sport shooter, with a gold medal at the 2017 IPSC Rifle World Shoot and three golds in the IPSC Shotgun Standard division, from 2012, 2015, and 2018.

Her incredible talent and dedication have helped her achieve several accolades at a young age. The professional multi-gun shooter is very private about her life. So, let’s delve into her marriage and personal life.

Who is Lena Miculek’s Husband?

The celebrated 8-time World Shooting champion is a private person. However, it is known that she was married to Brock Afentul.

Lena Miculek’s husband, Brock [Photo Source: Instagram]

Miculek’s husband, Brock, is a talented actor and director. According to IMDb, some of her partner’s notable works include the music video for “Taggy Azalea’s Switch featuring Anitta” in 2017 and the 2016 TV series “2Can.TV.”

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Lena and Brock’s Bird Baby

Lena and Brock adopted a pet toucan and named it Ripley. This little bundle of fluff was only three months old when the duo got it from a zoo in 2015.

Moreover, Lena’s partner can’t help but gush about his bird baby. He describes Ripley as a cuddly creature; having him was like having a hybrid dog-cat with wings. In fact, Ripley’s snuggles were quite famous and have even been shared on his YouTube channel.

While Ripley’s cuddles can entice many to get the bird, his parents highlight that they can’t be left alone for long. Brock mentioned that he and his wife are self-employed and travel about 180 days a year. So did Ripley. But Brock stayed in and cuddled with his little birdie buddy when they were home.

Is Lena Miculek Still Married?

As mentioned earlier, Lena is a very private person. She’s not one to share her personal life on social media, so her marriage to Brock is still a mystery.

However, the competitive shooter reportedly filed for a restraining order against her husband on June 30, 2017. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much news about what happened after.

The television personality is very active on her social media. She mainly focuses on sharing glimpses of her venture, Rose by Sig Sauer, her shooting experiences, and life with her fur babies.

The competitive shooter is a pro at sharing her life on social media, expertly excluding her personal life. Therefore, her divorce made no headlines.

Lena Miculek with her gear [Photo Source: Instagram]

As for Brock, he seems to have gone off the grid on Instagram and occasionally shares videos of his pet toucans on his YouTube.

Sport Shooter Roots: Legacy from her parents

Lena Miculek hails from a long line of legendary shooters. The third-generation pro-shooter was born on March 22, 1995, in the U.S. to parents Jerry Miculek and Kay Clark Miculek.

Lena Miculeks Parents [Photo Source: Instagram]

Her grandfather, Jim Clark, is the founder of Clark Custom Guns. He was the first non-military winner of the NRA’s National Pistol Championship in 1958.

Likewise, her parents are decorated shooters with dozens of national and world titles.

Lena’s mother, the Handgun Lady Open Champion, has earned dozens of national and world titles. Similarly, her father is a world record holder in professional shooting and one of the fastest revolver shooters in the world.

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Impressive Career Achievements & Critical Accolades

Born at the shooting range co-owned by her parents, Lena was introduced to competitive shooting at a young age. In fact, she started when she was just eight years old.

Since then, the 27-year-old IPSC shooter has won several championship titles. In 2012, a year into professional shooting, she won her first IPSC Shotgun World Championship in Hungary. Likewise, Lena’s victory streak continued as she dominated the Gun Pro Series from 2013 through 2015.

Moreover, she reclaimed her title ‘World Champion’ at IPSC Shotgun World Championship in 2015 and 2017. The Louisiana native added more titles to her collection as recently as February 2021.

She has also earned titles of ‘Grand Master’ and ‘High Lady Honors’ alongside her eight World Championship titles. Having amassed a substantial collection of awards in her late 20s, she is reckoned as one of the greatest in the competitive shooting community.

Thanks to her considerable success in her career, According to some sources, Lena Miculek’s net worth is estimated to be between $1-$5 million.

In conclusion, the competitive shooter continues to thrive as a professional shooter. However, Lena has remained tight-lipped about her marital status, leaving her relationship status a mystery to the public.