All About Actress Joyce DeWitt: Spouse, Parents, and Controversy

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Joyce DeWitt is an actress from West Virginia. She became famous for playing Janet Wood on the TV show “Three’s Company” in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She has also acted in TV shows and movies and performed in plays like “Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage” and “Nunsense.”

Is Joyce DeWitt Really Married?

Joyce DeWitt has been a talented American entertainment actress for many years. Several famous personalities have been linked to her throughout her career, although she has never been married.

One of her most significant relationships was with actor Ray Buktenica. They reportedly started dating in 1973 and were together for almost a decade until they split in 1980. However, other sources claim that they were together for about seven years from 1979 and lived together during that time. In addition, people believe that the two may have been married at some point, as they were said to have established a romantic bond while studying at UCLA. Despite their split, the two have remained good friends over the years.

LeVar Burton, an actor himself, was also linked to DeWitt. Their relationship reportedly lasted for a brief period in 1980.

The Actress’s personal life became the subject of speculation when rumors started circulating that she had a daughter named Michaela Burton. It is unclear whether Burton resulted from DeWitt’s relationship with Buktenica or another partner, as the actress has not publicly commented. However, some sources claim that Michaela is indeed DeWitt’s daughter.

Although many people have been interested in her personal life, the actress has always remained focused on her career. In conclusion, DeWitt has had several significant relationships throughout her career despite never being married. While it is unclear whether she has a daughter, she remains a respected and accomplished actress in the entertainment industry.

Joyce DeWitt’s Impressive Physical Features

Joyce DeWitt [Photo: IMDb]

The talented actress has always also known for her impressive physical features. Standing at 5′ 3½” (1.61 m), she may be small in stature, but she has a significant presence on screen. She weighs 52 kg/114 pounds and is slender and toned. Her luscious black hair and deep brown eyes are striking features that add to her captivating beauty. With body measurements of 34-24-33 inches, she has a perfectly proportioned figure that is beautiful and appealing to the eye.

About the Family Behind the Star

Joyce DeWitt’s family played a significant role in shaping her life and career. Her parents, Paul, and Norma DeWitt, supported her pursuits, but her father initially hesitated about her studying theatre. Despite his reluctance, Joyce pursued her passion and earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Ball State University. Joyce has three siblings: Douglas DeWitt, David W. DeWitt, and Ruth Elizabeth DeWitt. Her family must have played a critical role in her upbringing and development.

Controversy: Detained for Drunk Driving

Joyce DeWitt had a brush with the law in 2009. Police officers pulled her over in El Segundo, California, after they witnessed her driving erratically near a parking barricade.

The authorities arrested DeWitt for drunk driving after conducting multiple tests to determine her blood alcohol level.

However, the actress took responsibility for her actions and faced the consequences. In May 2010, the court sentenced her to a three-year probationary period and ordered her to complete a nine-month alcohol rehabilitation program. She also had to pay a $510 fine.

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Three Company Stars Suzanne Somers, John Ritter, and Joyce DeWitt [Photo: Yahoo]

FAQs of Joyce DeWitt

How much did Joyce Dewitt make on three companies?

The three’s company earning is $30 Thousand.

What is Joyce Dewitt doing now?

After taking over a decade off from acting, she appeared in a few films and episodes of Cybill and Hope Island. However, she has primarily been giving live performances across the nation.

Where is Joyce Dewitt now?

Currently, she has settled down in New Mexico.

How tall is Joyce Dewitt?

She is 5′ 3 (1.61 m) tall.