Jordan Schlansky Revealed His Wife Name On Couple Counselling

Jordan Schlansky disclosed his wife’s name in a mock couple’s counseling session with Conan O’Brien back in 2014.

Despite being famous, Schlansky tries to stay as far away from the public eye as possible.

Then again, once someone of his notoriety talks about their personal life on camera, people tend to notice immediately, and the revelation this time was his wife’s name: Emma.

The 50-year-old associate producer was already engaged at the time and was ready for a big step in his relationship, aka getting married.

He also revealed that they first met in the CVS drugstore, but he couldn’t recall what he had been purchasing at the time.

Moreover, in the couple’s counseling session, the producer revealed the reason for disagreements with his wife.

In the video, he stated that he doesn’t prefer air conditioning, while Emma likes air conditioning and discussed it at length.

In the video, O’Brien hilariously pretends to be his wife and endeavors to teach Schlansky how to have an understanding, non-robotic response to his partner’s emotions.

Conan Was At Jordan Schlansky’s Wedding

Later in 2015, Conan decided to throw him a surprise bachelor party because Jordan was getting married soon. Albeit, the producer wasn’t interested.

Nevertheless, they both enjoyed the party with drinks and music.

During a Q&A session on Conan, a fan questioned if Conan was invited to Schlansky’s wedding, if he went to the wedding, and what gift he gave to the newly wedded.

Conan could only answer the first two questions, and he answered both with a resounding yes. As for the gift he gave, he couldn’t recall at the time.

The associate producer has always been loyal to his work and has been working with Conan O’Brien since 1994.

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Jordan’s Long-Lasting Work Relationship with Conan O’Brien

As per reports from Nikki Swift, Jordan and Conan O’Brien have been working together since the early days of O’Brien’s late-night career.

Right out of college, Jordan joined NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien as an intern in 1994 and worked with Conan.

Over the years, Schlansky’s dedication and hard work landed him the position of associate producer. Then, both of them moved to Los Angeles for their brief time on The Tonight Show.

Jordan Schlansky and Conan OBrien [Photo: Instagram]

Jordan helped Conan to wrap up his final shows on late-night television.

The loyal producer has not been officially credited outside of Conan-related programs, according to his IMDb page.

Jordan Schlansky Only Smiles Occasionally

It’s rare to see Jordan Schlansky smile in the video or real life.

However, there are some moments captured on camera while he is laughing at Conan. Some of his fans believed that he was just playing a role, but actually, the fact is he really doesn’t laugh or smile often.

“It freaked me out when you started laughing because your face becomes that of the Joker. You get this weird unnatural expression on your face,” said Conan during a Q&A about Jordan. Furthermore, he stated that Jordan’s laugh is the scariest thing he has seen in his adult life.

Once O’Brien asked Jordan, “Have other people been weirded out by your laugh?”. He replied, “Well, I laugh when something is funny. I don’t laugh out of politeness or social obligation.”

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Jordan Schlansky Earlier Life Before Becoming Producer

Jordan Schlansky is a famous American studio coordinator and production manager. He is presently working as an associate producer at the Conan Show.

Jordan was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 13, 1973, and as of now, he is 50 years old.

He grew up in California but eventually went to New York and joined Buffalo State University for his graduation.

Jordan Schlansky [Photo: Instagram]

He also served as a public safety employee at the front of the stage when Kurt Cobain and Nirvana came to perform at his university in 1993.

Jordan has gained popularity in the United States by producing the chat show Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The conversation program first aired in 1993 and has now completed 18 seasons.