Is Jenna Ortega a Member of LGBTQ? Know Her Boyfriend and Dating

By Alon

Who Is Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Ortega, an American actress, is beloved for her work as the character Wednesday Addams. She amazed the world with her magnificent acting on Wednesday.

Jenna Ortega in a Black dress holding a mic [Photo: Instagram]

She has also shared the same big screen with famous actor Robert Downey Jr. in the blockbuster movie “Iron Man 3.” The young lady is a talented star of this generation.

Is Jenna Ortega Gay?

Rumors about Jenna Ortega being gay are circling around the internet. Although she has never publically admitted to her gender, many of her fans believe it and are proud of it. However, multiple things have triggered the audience to doubt being gay in her past. People have always been eager to learn more about her personal life.

That all began in 2021 when Jenna’s one of her great films, “The Fallout” landed, where she was portrayed as Vada Cavell. The rumors get sparked when Vada and Mia Reed, a popular girl in school (played by Maddie Ziegler), hide a toilet stall during a school shoot-out at the movie. After that disturbing incident, they become closer and start using alcohol and drugs to deal with that.

The fan became surprised and equally interested in Ortega when the movie had a kissing and intimate scene of both teens during their drinking sessions. After the picture ended, they were not a couple, but the fans were left in a dilemma. Actress fans were convinced that her being a member of the LGBTQ+ community after that scene, even though it was just a movie act.

Similarly, rumors again hit the surface when Jenna Ortega called her co-star “her wife.” In her recent interview with TV Insider, the Wednesday actress said;

“Thank you very much, women, My woman. I love you. Sorry, that might be disrespectful, but that is my nickname for her because she’s my wife anyway. I’m sorry, the yes sorry I look at you, I get so, I get – my heart.”

Tv Insider Interview, Jenna Ortega calls her co-star “her wife.”

To her co-star, Gwendoline Christie. Gwendoline could not control her emotions when that statement came along and gave a beautiful smile. Although the two might have a great bond together, The Games Of Thrones star Gwendoline has been dating British fashion designer Giles Deacon since 2013. Also, this quite an exciting interview made the fans suspect her.

Furthermore, The rising actress has not mentioned her being gay in any of her speeches. In contrast, she supports Pride Over Prejudice, a campaign supporting and promoting the LGBT community. In one of the talk shows, she said, “embracing your culture is crucial instead of changing yourself to fit society.” In addition, on July 21, 2020, the actress tweeted, “Lesbian rights.” This sort of thing suggested the public assumed she was a gay person. In conclusion, there is no factual proof Jenna is gay; many people believe she is not straight because of her past incident. That is a mystery for now.

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Jenna Ortega Dating Life

Jenna Ortega was said to be dating many artists in the last few years. The limelight came towards her and “Shazam” actor Asher Angel back in 2018 at Jared’s Halloween party when they were dressed as exes Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Both of them attended the party together, which leads the rumors of them dating.  

Jenna Ortega and Asher Angel Dressed as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson [Photo: Facebook]

Later, she assumed to date Jacob Sartorius due to the kiss scene in the 2017 “Chapstick” music video. There was no official announcement from them.

In 2019 on a podcast, she cleared all the rumors regarding her ex-boyfriends. The celeb has linked to many people in the past; she has never dated any of them. When questioned about the strangest thing someone has ever said about her, she said, “Probably relationships.” According to the internet, I dated somewhere about six different people, although I never actually went out with any of them.

Many rumors concerned her love life; regardless, currently, the talented artist is single. She has not revealed any information regarding her dating scenario.

Why Jenna Thinks Wednesday A Gay Icon

Jenna Ortega recently stated some points about her character Wednesday Addams. First, the celebrity revealed how she sees that character as a gay icon. She told to media:

” She’s cool, she has got a nice sense of style, but she’s somebody who embraces her differences and isn’t out to please anybody. I feel like that’s a really, really powerful thing to see. I feel like people want to see powerful women with powerful women.” 

Not only her, but even Drag queen Crystal Methyd called the character a queer icon.

Fans Suspect Wednesday Addams Is a Lesbian Character

In the popular Wednesday Addams series, things caught the eye of the fans. The audience is giving an opinion of Wednesday being lesbian because she and her roommate, Enid Sinclair, are seen having long hugs and lingering staters at each other. Many fans suspect Wednesday is a lesbian in the series for her behavior.

Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair [Photo: Instagram]

In addition, Wednesday’s character has two men she likes, Xavier and Tyler; however, she never shows much interest in either of them.

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Real Reason Jenna Ortega Waving At Lesbian Flag

A video of Jenna pointing and waving at the lesbian flag went viral on social media. The clips occur in Brazil’s 2022 CCXP (Comic Con Experience). Many fans were excited and happy to see that reaction. However, numerous points come afterward, which suggest she was not looking at the flags.
Jenna Ortega at 2022 CCXP pointing and waving.

According to Twitter user Biel, who was present in the crowd that day, the artist was actually pointing and waving at her cosplay from the previous Wednesday. Additionally, the claims were provided alongside several films taken from various angles of the same event that likely support the account about Ortega’s eye line.

Short Bio Including Age, Family

Jenna Ortega, a talented actress, was born on September 27, 2002, in Palm Desert, California, United States. Her parents, Natalie Ortega and Edward A. Ortega have named her Jenna Marie Ortega. The artist’s Father is Mexican American; her mother is of Puerto Rican and Mexican ancestry. Altogether they are six siblings Isaac, Mariah, Mia, Markus, Aliyah Once, and Jenna.