Where is Gloria Copeland Now? Early Years to Present Days

Gloria Copeland is a Christian minister and New York Times best-selling author known for her teaching of faith and healing found in the Bible globally.

Kenneth Copeland’s wife, Gloria Copeland, has earned several accolades for her accomplishments. However, she has stepped back from the public eye, leading many to wonder about her well-being.

Gloria Copeland Is Recovering: She Won’t Appear On TV Shows Anymore

For several decades, the Copeland couple, Kenneth and Gloria, co-hosted the ministry’s flagship broadcast, “The Believer’s Voice of Victory.”

For 50 years, the Copeland couple shared the biblical message of hope and blessing globally through the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcasts.

Unfortunately, the 81-year-old televangelist has stepped back from the public eye since 2022.

Copeland’s husband, televangelist Kenneth, announced that his wife would not be in attendance because of her health. He explained that Gloria had a traumatic brain injury during a car accident.

In 1996, in Marshall, Texas, a televangelist duo was driving down Highway 59 with their children when a massive vehicle crash occurred.

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Gloria’s Husband Proposed to Her on their First-date

When they first met, Kenneth was a 24-year-old pilot, and Gloria was a 19-year-old college student. The faithful duo admits it was love at first sight. It is worth noting Kenneth was married twice before meeting her. He was struggling with depression and anger, even questioning if true love existed.

However, Mr. Kenneth revealed meeting his future wife convinced him otherwise. He fell head over heels for her at first sight and asked her to marry on their first date.

The 5’5″ tall, beautiful blonde, already impressed by Kenneth’s glow, surprised him by saying yes. The two lovebirds exchanged vows on April 13, 1963, and welcomed three children, John Copeland, Kellie Copeland, and Terri Copeland Pearsons.

As they faced life’s ups and downs, Gloria and Kenneth’s faith in God and each other grew stronger. Together, they build a thriving megachurch that aims to help heal millions.

Their unwavering commitment has stood the test of time. In fact, they recently celebrated their 60th Diamond anniversary in April 2022.

Gloria Co-founded Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Gloria and Kenneth’s love story is nothing short of magical and a beautiful testament to the power of faith and dedication.

The car accident mentioned earlier shook Gloria’s husband to his core and made him turn to God and repent. This pivotal moment strengthened their faith and commitment to spreading the word of God.

Consequently, in 1997, the couple co-founded Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas. Their ministry has since become a beacon of hope for millions of believers worldwide.

Co-founders of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
The Copeland couple Kenneth and Gloria [Photo: Facebook]

Likewise, in 1979, Gloria started teaching ‘Healing School’ at KCM, helping people find healing through the power of prayer.

Moreover, the Christian Woman of the Year Association awarded Gloria the ‘Christian Woman of the Year’ in 1994.

Even after five decades, Kenneth Copeland’s wife inspires and guides people through her TV broadcasts, magazines, and other platforms. Furthermore, the VP of KCM has authored several best-selling books like “Healing Confessions,” “God’s Will is Prosperity,” “The Power of the Tongue,” “Hidden Treasures,” “Healing Promises,” etc.

Controversies Surrounding KCM

Like many televangelist ministry owners, the Copelands have been subject to criticism from their peers and the public for owning multiple private jets worth millions.

According to Dailymail, Kenneth Copeland posted a thank you video on his ministry’s website as he took delivery of his new $3 million Gulfstream private jet. Additionally, the church is trying to raise another $17 million to construct a new hangar, upgrade the existing runway, and purchase special GV maintenance equipment.

Apparently, private jets are a necessary part of their ministry, and flying commercial planes was like “entering a long tube with a bunch of demons.” He defended in 2015.

When a Journalist wanted Mr. Copeland to explain the comment, he initially denied it before explaining it’s a “biblical thing.”

The Copeland ministry also made headlines after questioning the value of vaccinations, citing links to autism.

Some More Controversy For their Lavish Lifestyle

The Vice President of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Gloria Copeland’s net worth is estimated at $300 million. She earned her fortune as the co-founder ministry and her career as a teacher and author.

Allegedly, she has been living in a tax-free mega mansion worth $7 million.

During the 2015 Southwest Believers’ Convention in Fort Worth, Copeland’s husband explained how his journey to building the dream home for his beloved wife began when he received a divine message from God.

“Minister this House to her. It is part of your prosperity,” Kenneth recalled.

Besides owning private jets worth multi-millions, the Copelands also own an airport close to KCM in Forth Worth.

The prosper preachers have faced criticism for their lavish lifestyle but never denied reports about their wealth. In fact, Copeland’s husband confirmed that he was a very wealthy man and attributed his wealth to oil and gas investments and reserves on his various properties.

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Before She Became The Gloria Copeland

Kenneth Copeland’s partner, Gloria Copeland, was born Gloria Neece on February 12, 1942. She grew up in Center Point, a small Arkansas town. Her family later moved to Jacksonville, where she became a cheerleader.

Gloria Copeland was a cheerleader
Gloria Copeland cheered for Red Devils in her high school years [Photo: Facebook]

The Jacksonville High School alumna, Gloria, was cheering for the Red Devils. Since she did not grow up in a religious household, she knew little about the teachings of Gods and Devils. Looking back, Mrs. Copeland says

“I learned to cheer back then, but now I’ve switched teams. Today, I’m cheering for Jesus!”

Furthermore, Mrs. Copeland can even fly a jet. On the day of her private pilot test ride, the examiner gave her an excellent rating and approved her a license. And after 88 hours of flight time.

Is Gloria Copeland Still Alive?

Yes, Mrs. Copeland is still alive. However, the 81-year-old preacher could be facing a few health issues.

Is Gloria Copeland Still Preaching?

Kenneth Copeland’s wife, Gloria, decided to step out of the public, but her legacy of healing through her books and videos lives on.