Who is QVC’s Designer Gary Goben Married to? Personal Life & Biography

Suppose you are someone who spends hours researching before investing in a pair of comfortable and quality pants. In that case, Gary Goben is a household name. The television personality has been the Senior Apparel Designer for QVC’s Denim and Co. for over a decade.

Gary Goben’s wife has remained private, with no public appearance and zero social media presence. So, it’s exciting to see how Gary Goben maintains such privacy and appears in the limelight daily.

Gary Goben’s Marriage & Personal Life

In the world of fame, there are two kinds of people: those who love the spotlight and those who avoid it. The QVC’s senior designer, Gary Goben, definitely falls into the latter, preferring to keep his personal life under wraps while he works his magic on-air.

Fans of Denim & Co cannot help but notice the wedding band on his finger. However, he has never once mentioned his wife on air and social media, which has resulted in gay rumors as well.

Further, the creative man of QVC is highly active on social media. But, they are strictly professional and his meme ground. It is as if Gary married his profession.

Therefore, at this point, it might be safe to say Gary Goben’s wife is his career and respect his choice to remain private. Now, let’s move on to how he fell in love with design and its growth.

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Gary Goben and Carolyn Gracie, The Cutest on-air Besties

Unlike Goben’s wife, his on-air partnership with co-host Carolyn Gracie is admired by many. But, unfortunately, that has come to an abrupt end on March 2023.

Gary and Carolyn Gracie were known for their show and unique comedy, especially those with stuffed squirrels. Besides, they made magic happen with their lively presentations and brightened many viewers’ days.

Gary Goben and Carolyn Gracie
The on-air besties, Gary Goben and Carolyn Gracie [Photo: Facebook]

Hence, it is natural the Denim Divas were disappointed to hear their favorite hosts part ways. Many claims they watched QVC because of the Garolyn duo and can’t imagine Tuesday morning without Carolyn.

Gary Goben’s Parents & His Hunger to Learn

Gary Goben, born on February 13, 1957, is known for his work ethic and private nature. While little is known about his family, he takes time to honor both his parents on special occasions like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Gary Gaben's Father
Gary Gaben takes a moment to honor his father on every Father’s Day, [Photo Source: Instagram]

According to Goben’s LinkedIn, he graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s in Science in Fashion and Merchandising. He further advanced to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Besides, Gary is also an alumnus of Baruch College.

The 66 years old designer acknowledged his creative talent in him and nourished it with several certified courses, such as the Fashion Illustration course from Moore College of Art.

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Goben: Focused On Career & Growth

As mentioned earlier, Goben’s journey in the fashion industry began early in his career, where he honed his skills and creativity. Over the years, he has worked with several fashion brands and retail chains, providing innovative and creative designs that have helped drive sales and keep customers engaged.

According to his LinkedIn, his journey started at Dawn Joy. INC as a designer. The TV personality worked there for two years, 1995- 1997. He then progressed with Betsy’s Things Sportswear as a Head Designer & Merchandiser from Jan 1997 til Aug 2004.

After seven years at Betsy’s, Gary moved to Multi-group as a Creative Director in August 2004.

Then finally, in 2006, he moved to QVC as the Senior Designer (Apparel, Print Design, and Trend Development) 2006. In addition, he handles the largest propriety brand – Denim & Co.

Gary Goban [Photo: Instagram]

It has been 16 years since Gary joined QVC, and he still works with a team of six, manages the design and development process, and regularly makes presentations to buyers. And as the Trend Manager, he also works closely with the Merchandising team to ensure all products are on trend and aligned with the brand vision.

Although Gary Goben earned fame from his decade-long career in the fashion industry, his actual net worth is still under review. However, according to Glassdoor, the estimated pay range of a senior designer at QVC is estimated at $110,623 per year.