Is Erin French Still Married? Celebration of Life & Food

The owner of a highly acclaimed restaurant, Erin French, has wowed foodies with her unique cooking style that has the traditional taste with a modern twist. The self-taught culinary prodigy has taken the food industry by storm.

But that is not all there is to her story. Since she authored, Finding Freedom, she candidly opened up about her marriage, divorce, and struggle to balance the overwhelming life as a mother.

Meet The Loving Husband of Erin French

Following a horrific divorce and significant setbacks, she quickly renewed her life, courage, and career from the ground up. Erin reviewed herself into rehab and got clean. And she met her husband on some decade ago.

Erin French with her husband [Photo Source: Instagram]

In an interview with People, she opened up about her fears of never finding love again. However, she feels grateful for her supportive spouse, encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

The American Tv personality and author are happily married to Michael Dutton. The lovebirds exchanged vows in 2018.

She uploaded their wedding picture with an emotional caption,

“Sometimes you have to trust that the hard times, the pain and the tragedies in life have purpose. They may make no sense at the time, may bring you to your knees and you will wonder why this hell is happening and if you’ll ever get through it. But trust it is your trajectory, sending you along your path, and if you listen, learn, heal and grow along the way, things will one day make sense. If I hadn’t gone through it all, I would have never found you @mjdutton808 and all of these rich and beautiful moments that have come along since. Believe in second chances as I can tell you they exist. 8.24.18” 

Fast forward to 2022, the pair celebrated their 3rd blissful year of marriage. On their special day, Erin shared their pictures, including wedding portraits. She captioned, “Celebrating three years of wedded bliss with my best friend.”

She further gushed about her husband and her gratitude for the online platform that brought them together. The dynamic duo is taking their sweet time welcoming their baby.

Talking about Erin French’s husband, Michael, is a content specialist and business development strategist. The co-founder of 6CC Media is a lowkey person and her biggest support system.

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First Husband Left Amid Addiction

Erin French and Todd French, a professional boatbuilder, were married from 2006 to 2013. She was honing her cooking skills in her parent’s kitchen’s passion for cooking started in her parent’s kitchen, where she honed her skills and developed her signature cooking style.

It was also the time when she fell in love and married a professional boat builder. The former lovebirds opened a restaurant in 2012 that quickly became a hit.

However, despite the success, their marriage unraveled as she struggled with depression and her husband’s alcoholism.

Erin French and her mobile kitchen [Photo Source: Instagram]

In her memoir, Finding Freedom, she opened up about the emotional abuse she faced during her marriage. She turned to prescription drugs to cope, which eventually became an addiction. In 2013, Erin entered rehab and got clean, but her problems persisted.

She discovered that Todd had closed their restaurant and changed the locks while she was in treatment, which was a wake-up call for her to confront her fears. Her troubled couple soon filed for a divorce.

Despite her challenges, she refused to give up and clawed her way out of those dark hours. Amidst debt, divorce, and a custody battle, she moved in with her parents and found a way to keep cooking by converting an old Airstream into a mobile kitchen. Later, It evolved into the Lost Kitchen on wheels.

Erin French’s Son, Jaim French

French is a successful chef and an inspiring mother to her son, Jaim French.

It took Erin some time to realize her passion for cooking, as she initially left her small-town life behind to study medicine at Northeastern University in Boston. However, two years later, at age 21, she dropped out and returned home after becoming pregnant by a high school boyfriend.

She further recalls feeling ashamed and disappointed in herself for what she saw was throwing away her opportunity. However, her mother was incredibly supportive and encouraged her to raise her grandbaby. She stayed beside her, saying they would find joy in the situation.

Erin French son Jaim French [Photo Source: Instagram]

The Lost Kitchen author raised her son, Jaim (a play on French j’aime, meaning “I love”), as a single mom and began sharpening her cooking skills in her parents’ kitchen. She later fell in love again with boat builder Todd French. By 2010, the former couple invited friends for super clubs in their apartment in nearby Belfast.

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The Influence of Erin French’s Father & Sister on Her Culinary Career

Erin French, born in 1981, grew up in Freedom, where her father, David J. Richardson, was a chef, and her mother, Deanna L. Richardson, was a school teacher.

Further, her father, Jeff Richardson, owned a diner outside her hometown, where she began working at 12. She learned her fundamentals and the joy of creating food while working at her father’s diner, but soon realized she wasn’t satisfied with the standard fried chicken and burgers.

The self-taught master chef considers not attending cooking school a blessing in disguise. It allowed her to develop her unique style, unpretentious and driven by the availability of local ingredients. Her cooking is all about creating simple yet elegant dishes.

Moreover, Erin’s sister, Alicia Richardson, is an aspiring nutritionist, and the two have worked together. She assisted as a host at the first incarnation of the Lost Kitchen in Belfast, Maine. Together, they share a passion for food and a commitment to using local, seasonal ingredients.

Overall, Erin’s parents had a massive influence on her cooking career. Once, who deemed herself a failure stood up on her feet again.

Today, The Lost Kitchen is one of the hardest-to-get reservations in the world. With her cookbook out, another one in the works, and movie rights to her bestselling memoir, Finding Freedom, Erin French’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.