El Fantasma’s Wife Perla Helped Him On Writing Song For Kids

El Fantasma’s stage name is Alexander Garcia, also known as “King from the Underground” on social media is a Mexican regional singer and songwriter. He started getting famous after releasing his first-ever debut song, “Mi 45,” in 2016. Alexander performs corrido songs about hard-working people and regional Mexican music.

Who Is El Fantasma’s Wife?

El Fantasma married his long-term girlfriend, Perla Limon Elenes, on October 16, 2017, in a lovely wedding ceremony that his friends, family, and relatives attended. They were long-term partners before marriage and desired to formally establish their union by becoming husband and wife.

Even after being the partner of famous public figures in the Mexican region, she stays away from the camera, and her social network is private. Perla Limon isn’t involved in the music industry, but she wrote the most important song, “Encantadora,” in his career. This song describes his family story and their closeness.

During an interview a few years ago, he said:

“It is a song that is for my daughter, my wife composed it, and we did not a thing that it would have all this success in the song, thank God here in Mexico it is being raffled off and also in the United States, besides it is a song for all kids, it’s a danceable theme.”

On 21st November 2021, he shared an Instagram post of himself and his pregnant wife and wrote a caption:

“The day has just arrived! These 9 months have been so long a lot of shit hahaha not being able to sleep well, eating a lot of ice TTEOT”.

El Fantasma with his pregnant wife [Photo: Instagram]

The couple has three children, one son and two daughters. His son’s name is Matthew, and daughters’ names are Camilla and Valentina. They are a happy couple and maintain their relationship by supporting each other.

El Fantasma with his children [Source: Instagram]

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El Fantasma’s Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million, according to Allfamousbirthday. However, Alexander’s primary source of income is his fantastic career as a Mexican musical artist, singer, and composer. He established his reputation for himself and earned a large amount of money.

Fantasma has an estimated net earning of $576.9K-$901.3K from 2017-2023. His revenue for 2023 is estimated at around $22.6k till February. Regardless, Fantasma is a singer and doesn’t have a fixed annual income.

Short Bio And Career Achievements

His real name is Alexander Garcia, a Mexican regional singer, and songwriter born on December 2, 1989, in Las Canas, Durango, Mexico. Fantasma is of Mexican nationality and comes from a mixed ethnic background. There is not much information available about his family background.

The singer spent six years working as a gardener before becoming a singer. After releasing his first song, he instantly became famous. His work on “En EI Camino” received a Latin Grammy Award at the Billboard Latin Music Award in 2018. Alexander was also nominated for Best Artist of the year in 2018. The track “Encantadora” reached number one on Regional Mexican Airplay in 2019. Fantasma was the finalist at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2019.

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Some FAQs Related to Fantasma

How tall is EI Fantasma?

He has an average height of about 5 feet 5 inches (165cm).

Where is EI Fantasma from?

Fantasma is from Las Canas, Durango, Mexico.

How old is EI Fantsma?

He is now 33 years old.