Get to Know About Dave Landau’s Comedian Wife and Father

Dave Landau is an American stand-up comedian and radio personality who became famous after Last Comic Standing Season 8. The internationally touring comedian regularly performs at clubs and theatres throughout the country.

The in-demand comedian is married to a fellow comedian, Marine Butler.

Dave Landau’s wife, Marine Butler, is a Comedian

Being married to a comedian has its perks- you get to laugh all day and feel proud watching them entertain audiences worldwide. And Dave Landau’s wife, Marine Butler, is one lucky lady indeed.

Despite having a famous comedian as a husband, Marine keeps a low profile and rarely appears on her husband’s social media.

Furthermore, Dave’s relationship with her dates back to his early days in the comedy scene. Although he doesn’t talk about his wife often, he did share his performance at an improv show in Detroit with his wife during an interview with Detroit Comedy Scene.

Dave Landau with his wife [Photo: Instagram]

The refined comedian recalled,

“I used to run a improv/stand up show at The Village idiot with my wife and Ken Kuykendall, Sebastian Oberst, Sam Richardson that would be packed every Sunday”

While Dave’s partner, Marine, prefers to stay out of the limelight, there’s no denying she’s an essential part of his life and career. The pair shares a son, and it’s clear that they have a close bond.

While the Detroit comedian may not share much about his family, he occasionally mentions his wife and son in his hilarious Twitter posts.

It looks like the Landau household knows how to have a food time, which was apparent as they celebrated Pancake Day. The comedian pair marked the occasion with an exciting pancake.

The Detroit native couldn’t resist sharing a joke about the situation on his Twitter, teasing that his wife might be dropping hints about wanting another baby. But he quickly clarified that their family is complete with one child.

With two comedians under one roof, there’s no doubt that laughter is a regular occurrence in their household. Moreover, his tweets prove that his family is never far from his thoughts, even when he’s busy entertaining his audiences.

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His Father’s Death Pushed him into Substance Abuse

Dave Landau, the writer of “The King of Detroit,” had a difficult childhood marked by tragedy. Born on June 9, 1983, in Detroit, Michigan, he was exposed to police violence, substance, and addiction from a young age.

Photo of Dave Landau’s Father and Mother before his father leaving for Vietnam to serve in US Military [Photo: Instagram]

The Last Comic Standing S8 finalist has been open about his substance use and addiction struggle. Moreover, the former Gotham Comedy host has spoken candidly about how his father’s tragic death from brain cancer pushed him towards substances and liquor. In an interview with Recover Comedy, he reflected on his experiences and how they shaped him as a comedian. He recalls,

“I was a very creative kid who constantly made movies, skits, etc., with my Dad’s video camera. I loved to make people laugh. Then my Dad got diagnosed with brain Cancer, and to cope, I discovered drugs and alcohol. I was a very rebellious teen alcoholic.”

As time passed, Landau spent time in and out of recovery institutions and jail.

He is clean and sober and uses his experiences as a recovering alcoholic to inspire his comedy.

From Humble Beginnings to Being “in-demand”

Dave has a very humble beginning. He started his comic journey as a teenager in Detroit in Second City’s Conservatory and worked up to become one of the most -in-demand.’

While he started his comedy career at 19, he was always keen on comedy. However, Second City’s improv lessons and writing exercises were crucial for his development as a comedian.

Furthermore, his comedy is grounded in his personal experiences, including his family life, flaws, and experiences.

Dave Landau Performing a show [Photo: Instagram]

In addition to his stand-up career, Landau appeared in the TV movie “Night Shift” as himself in 2003 and voiced the announcer of the 2006 TV special “Henry Cho: What’s That Clickin’ Noise?”

Dave struggled during his early years as open mic nights, and sporadic gigs don’t entirely pay the bills; hence, he forayed into the world of retail briefly.

Eventually, he devoted himself to Comedy full-time, appearing on N.B.C.’s “Last Comic Standing” and “The Bob & Tom show.” He has also acted in roles in a few independent films and has written-produced-starred in his feature-length film.

Landau has devoted himself to stand-up, spending much of his current tour at clubs throughout Michigan. And in his free time, he spends hangs out with his family.

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Dave Landau’s Net Worth

The 40-year-old comedian Dave Landau’s net worth is estimated at $11 million from the information on Tvguidetime. Most of his earnings come from comedy tours and events nationwide.

The American comedian has houses in L.A. and Detroit but resides in L.A. with his wife. His L.A. House is reportedly worth $5-$10 million.

Standing tall at 5’6″, Dave Landau easily wins people’s hearts with his personality and quick wit. The American comedian has achieved great success in the comedy world through hard work and dedication. Moreover, his humble beginnings serve as a reminder that with passion and determination, anyone can achieve their dreams.