Bobby Brantley Has Near-Death Experience! Is He Still Alive?

Bobby Brantley is an American television reality show star famous for starring on the truTV reality show Lizard Lick Towing. He is also known as Bobby the bulldog or Repo man Bobby. Brantley has also worked on The Lonesome Curse and All Worked Up.

Near-Death Experience In The Reality Show

In 2013, a video of his car accident broke the internet storm, making everyone feel he might pass away. Many of his followers were anxious about him and wanted to know his situation. This terrible incident happened on the Reality TV Program, where Bobby successfully survived this horrific accident and came out alive.

After surviving the horrific accident, Brantley was rushed to the hospital while his friends Ron and Amy desperately waited for the news of their’s friend. After having the treatment, he released a video of himself on the Facebook post from his account; his fifth wife said:

“Hey y’all, this is Melanie. Bobby wanted me to let you know that he’s good and just resting right now. Thank you for all of your prayers! We’ll be back on FB tomorrow with updates”.

Is Bobby Brantley Still Alive?

In March 2019, Bobby Brantley was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma, and his brain tumor was surgically removed in July and was told to expect a long recovery. Instead, he found consolation with his family farm, where his family acquired Cows and Donkeys on several acres. His health is now in good condition, and he is living his life happily.

Bobby Brantley’s Married Life

Bobby Brantley married Amy for the first time after graduation from high school. After that, Bobby, Ron, and his wife, Amy, were featured in TruTV’s reality series, All Worked Up. The show premiered on October 19, 2009, and ended after airing four seasons. After that, he divorced his first wife, married Susan Cone, and welcomed a son. After that, he went married his third wife, Whitney.

Bobby Brantley with his fifth wife [Source: Facebook]

Then, in 2011, Boby married his fourth wife, Anita Grissom Brantly. After two years, they announced their divorce through the Facebook page in February 2013 and married his fifth wife in 2014, Melanie Bentley.

Brantley revealed in his Facebook post comment section that he has six children and one on the way on August 27, 2015. His first son is Hunter, and his second is Jon-William Nash Brantly. His twin daughters’ names are Savanna and Juliana. The other two children’s names and gender are not revealed. Brantley shared his second son’s photo through his Facebook page on February 11, 2016, and wrote a status:

“Me and my boys! It’s my son Hunter’s 23rd birthday, and Nash is three weeks old today. That makes us all 23 years apart! Dang, I just told my age”.

Bobby Brantley with his son [Source: Facebook]

He congratulated his twin daughters after they graduated from high school. He shared the picture and wrote a caption:

“So proud of my twin daughters Juli & Vannah who graduated high school with honors this weekend!”. He also has his youngest son Syrgrace in his family.

Bobby Brantley’s twin daughters [Source: Facebook]

Bobby Brantley’s Net Worth

His estimated net worth is $2 million, according to CelebrityNetworth. The majority of his income came from reality shows and other businesses. His successful career as a TV personality helps to summon this amount of money.

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FAQs OF Bob Brantley

What is Bob Brantley Doing Now?

Bob Brantley is returning to his old show, The Lizard Lick Crew, Aka The Good Time Crew.

How tall is Bob Brantley?

He has an average height of 6 feet 5 inches(1.96m).

What happened to Bob Brantley from The Lizard Lick Towing?

Bobby Brantley had a car accident during The Lizard Lick Towing Reality TV program and was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma in 2019.