Apollo Nida Secretly Married With Sherien Almufti

Sherien Almufti and Apollo Nida had a secret wedding on October 14, 2022. The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with their family and close friends at the church in the Atlanta area.

Apollo, who was previously married to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, got married to Sherien after concluding his divorce from his housewife of seven years.

As per TMZ, his kids and ex-wife knew about their marriage but didn’t attend.

Apollo Has Moved On From The Divorce

Apollo had previously told the outlet that he and his former wife were now in a good relationship and co-parenting much better. But they had a huge drama when they were getting divorced and officially separated from their marriage back in 2017.

Furthermore, the newly-wed couple said they had reached a point in their lives where they wanted to take a step ahead and move on from the relationships of the past.

Sherien Almufti married Apollo Nida
Sherien Almufti married Apollo Nida on October 2022 [Photo: Instagram]

On June 2018, Apollo shared Sherien’s photo and wrote a lengthy caption. He mentioned that he thought his love was dead after his last marriage but ultimately found one.

Apollo also stated that he has never met a soul as kind as her, and she amazed him daily by never placing herself before others.

“I can’t wait to love all over you and share life’s special moments and love together,” Nida added.

Sherien and Apollo have faced many ups and down in their relationship throughout the years, which eventually made their connection even stronger.

The pair ultimately got engaged in 2016 while Apollo was in prison, accused of cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2 million.

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Apollo Nida Has Been Convicted To Eight Years In Prison

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Park’s ex-husband was sentenced to 8 years in prison after accepting the accusation. Apollo was arrested in January 2014 before claiming guilty to the charges in May.
Apollo had created fake companies, which eventually gave him access to various databases that had information about people’s identities.

Then he opened fake accounts from the victims’ information and stole U.S. Treasury checks, stolen retirement checks from Delta Airline employees, and cheques meant to be distributed to taxpayers who owed unclaimed funds.

Apollo Nida
Apollo Nida [Photo: Instagram]

After that, Nida was charged with bank fraud and identity theft.

Nida, who appears on the Bravo hit with his wife Phaedra Parks, admitted his mistakes and accepted full responsibility for them by pleading guilty.

However, this isn’t his first time. He had already served five years in prison from 2004 to 2009 accused of auto title fraud.

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Phaedra Parks Filed Divorce After Apollo Nida Went To Jail

Apollo was arrested in 2014 and sentenced to eight years of prison in Lexington, Ky, for his crime. It was during this sentence that his ex-wife Phaedra filed for divorce after five years of marriage.

The divorce case proceeded for multiple years. Phaedra also briefly discussed the divorce on RHOA during that time. Phaedra told her former friend, Porsha Williams, that her divorce was final.

Even though Phaedra believed her marriage was finished, a judge had other ideas after Apollo’s legal counsel contested the divorce.

Apollo Nida’s ex-wife Phaedra Parks and his children [Photo: Instagram]

According to Distractify, Phaedra had made many mistakes in the court documents, including misspelling Apollo’s last name. Furthermore, she informed him that he could attend the court hearings from prison.

After seeing several mistakes, the judge reversed the divorce, and they eventually had to return to court. But finally, in July 2017, the couple officially got divorced.