Comedian Andrew Santino Revealed His Wife on Podcast

Andrew Santino is a married man but did not disclose his wife’s details. He still talks about his wife in some interviews.

As per the Genius Celebs, the stand-up comedian dated Danielle Brooks for many years and got married, albeit the information was never verified by the American actor.

However, Andrew eventually discussed his marriage and wife on the Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings. The podcast was aired on April 2019.

Santino detailed in the podcast aired on April 16, 2020, that it had been four years since he got married. He also stated that they still enjoyed a healthy relationship and each other’s company.

Later on November 2019, he shared a video of his wife on Twitter. She was wearing a red cap and a black T-shirt and was singing a song.

In the caption, he mentioned, “(Borat Voice) MY WIFE.”

After going through a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, one special moment of theirs helps Andrew to decide she is the one.

Special Moment Helped Andrew To Decide Wife Was The One

The couple never wanted to get married or had the intention of having a family. They were mainly focused on their career, but one special incident changed their decision.

In the aforementioned podcast, Whitney asked about when he knew his wife was the one for him. He replied that he had a specific moment when he realized she was the one.

When the couple was having a problem in their relationship, they started attending couples counseling. He joked that both of them didn’t like the vibe of the therapist.

While they were in treatment, the couple emotionally broke down a little bit. It was hard for him, and he started to cry. All of them went silent for a moment.

Andrew Santino [Photo: Instagram]

No one said anything, and the trash pickup truck came outside. At the time, one of the employees yelled incoherently, and both of them burst out laughing.

With the sudden shift in her mood and the now-wife understanding his sense of humor, he instantly felt that she was the one.

The couple began as friends and has been married for seven years as of this writing. The stand-up comedian stated that their relationship worked so well because there were no dull moments, and they both were engaged in their businesses.

Eventually, when Andrew Santino remained silent about his wife, rumors started to circulate that he was married to Sarah Bolger.

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Rumored Marriage of Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger

Everyone knows Andrew is a married man after he publicly revealed his wife on a podcast. Still, there were numerous speculations about him being married to someone else.

Most of his fans, for the longest time, thought that Andrew was married to Sarah Bolger. Not surprisingly, the rumor turned out to be totally false when he shared his wife on a Twitter post.

Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger attending the premiere of FXs Dave

Andrew Santino and Sarah were spotted together at many events. They were seen wearing matching outfits when they attended the premiere of FX’s Dave on February 27, 2020.

Sarah Bolger is an Irish actress who has appeared in various famous movies. Everyone thought she was Andrew Santino’s wife.

This wasn’t a new thing for him because Andrew was also rumored to be gay after playing a homosexual role on-screen.

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Andrew Santino Gay Rumor Explained

In the comedy-drama series I’m Dying Up Here, Andrew played a gay man. After that, many people started to wonder if he really was gay in real life.

Moreover, he added fuel to the fire by sharing a photo with Chris D’Elia and writing “going away to be married.” The gay rumors that ensued were no surprise.

Andrew and Chris played along with the joke and made fun of the situation. He said in the Joe Rogan podcast that his favorite myth about him is being called homosexual.

But the rumors seem to be totally false and nothing more. The stand-up comedian is already married to a woman, and it’s barely any possibility of him being gay.