Inside Alyssa Jirrels Dating Life: Ex-Boyfriend

Fatal Attraction actress Alyssa Jirrels has made her mark on the industry going from ad films to the big screens. The LA-based actress has amassed a massive fanbase from her onscreen persona.

With her growing fandom, people are curious about Alyssa’s boyfriend. She’s dated some of her co-stars in the past, but what is her relationship status in 2023? Let’s find out!

Hayden Byerly Was Smitten by Alyssa Jirrels

Alyssa Jirrels’ break out into the mainstream may have been in 2020, but her ex-boyfriend, Hayden Byerly, adored her years before that. The two began dating sometime in late 2015, and their relationship instantly gained attention.

Despite rumors about Byerly’s gender, the couple remained committed and even went on trips to San Francisco and Vancouver. Moreover, Jirrels’ former love interest flaunted their pictures online with beautiful captions.

Alyssa Jirrels and her boyfriend 
Hayden Byerly at Zootopia Premier
Alyssa Jirrels and her boyfriend Hayden Byerly at Zootopia Premier [Photo: YouTube]

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Alyssa’s ex-boyfriend shared a series of sweet pictures of them captioning, “What’s better than being up at 1 posting a picture of you and your beautiful picture?”

He confessed to missing the actress while she was away shooting a project.

Moreover, Hayden and Alyssa appeared on Zootopia’s premiere together.

In addition, Hayden and Alyssa also showed support for the LGBT community by participating in the pride parade in June 2016. Although the former couple celebrated a year together, Valentine’s Day of 2017 became their last Valentine’s together.

While their romance may have been short-lived, there’s no denying they loved one another deeply.

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Romantic Relationship With Dawson Fletcher

After breaking up with Hayden, Alyssa Jirrels started dating TV actor Dawson Fletcher and their relationship made headlines.

The This is the Year actress confirmed their relationship, Instagramming cozy pictures with her then-boyfriend sending her fans into a frenzy.

Sadly, their love too was short-lived, and the pair went their separate ways. While it’s unclear what caused their breakup, Jirrels focuses on her career and is determined to achieve higher goals.

HUSH! HUSH! Alyssa Jirrels Is Loving Single Life a Little More

As of 2023, the Boo Bitch! the actress appears single. On top of that, she seems single by choice!

Born in California on August 13, 2001, she first appeared in a Subaru commercial at 10. Since then, she’s fallen in love with film and has an extensive resume as an actress.

Known for her recurring role in As We See It, Jirrels has worked with several notable names, including David Henrie, Selena Gomez, Toby Huss, and Brian Goodman, to name a few.

In a recent interview, Jirrels was asked about her transition from TV to Hollywood, and she candidly expressed that both have pros and cons. She described filmmaking as a condensed, alternate reality where she thrives.

Since her last relationship with Dawson Fletcher, Jirrels appears single and loves her career more than ever. She continues to evolve as an actress and aspires to soar higher in her career.

Alyssa Jirrels's Boyfriend
Alyssa Jirrels receiving flowers from friends [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, when asked, “What’s next for Alyssa Jirrels,” she replied, “Exercise! Music! Coffee!” – making it clear that she’s got her priorities in order.

While it’s unclear if she is actively looking for love and a boyfriend, one thing is for sure, Alyssa’s got her hands full promoting her latest project, Fatal Attraction, and she probably has very little time to hunt for the perfect person.

Either way, the talented actress is determined to soar higher in her career and continues to evolve as an actress and a person.

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Beyond Hollywood

Alyssa may seem like a seasoned celebrity, but don’t be fooled by her onscreen persona, the charming 22-year-old is a sweet person who values quality time with her loved ones.

Furthermore, her parents, a Canadian mother, and father, frequent her Instagram. Jirrels shares heartwarming photos of her family, highlighting their close bonds and birthdays.

Alyssa Jirrels Mother
Alyssa wishing her mom on her birthday [Photo Source: Instagram]

When she’s not spending time with family, the goofy actress enjoys hanging out with her friends, capturing their adventures on Instagram. She’s big on making memories on scenic hikes and glittery party nights.

Despite her rising fame, Alyssa remains grounded, relatable, lovable, and probably single! Who knows what the future holds for this talented young actress?